We want your experience with RENTWARE to be a good one. Below, we have addressed some of the most common questions asked by clients doing business with RENTWARE. If your question is not addressed below, or you need additional information, please feel free to give us a call.


Q: Are you a VAT vendor?
A: Yes, we are. All pricing on our website does not include VAT. We will provide you with a Tax Invoice with our and your VAT number on it.

Q: What is the difference between renting and leasing?
A: Rental is short term in nature and is very flexible. A rental period can be extended at any time. Rentals are usually between 1 day and 6 months.

Leases are a fixed arrangement over either 24 or 36 months. Leases cannot be cancelled without paying a cancellation fee.

The cost of both rental and lease payments can be deducted from net profit saving you tax. Ownership of rental and leased equipment always rests with RENTWARE.

Q: What are the criteria for leasing?
A: We only lease to companies that have been in business for 5 years and that have a proven financial track record. Regret that we don’t lease to individuals. We require a minimum order of 10 units to proceed.

Q: Why would my company lease as opposed to buying outright?
A: As soon as you take ownership of equipment that you have bought (or financed) it is reflected in your books as an asset. After 3 years this asset has depreciated until it has no value.

Leasing the equipment means that you never take ownership of the equipment – you are paying for its use – a legitimate business expense. The cost of lease payments can be deducted from net profit saving you tax.

Leasing equipment means you are able to conserve your capital for running your business, instead of tying it up in expensive assets.

A Lease provides you with a fixed direct cost per month, making it easier to budget for computer expenses.

Q: Will my data stay virus-free on the rented machine?
A: RENTWARE guards against viruses by installing updated Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware software. Each machine is clean installed on its return to our offices, so you get a machine that is virus free and ready for immediate use.

Q: Will RENTWARE customize machines for my specific needs?
A: RENTWARE will go out of their way to provide you with the solution that you need to get the job done. If you require anything other than the standard specification, please contact us well in advance.

Q: Where does RENTWARE operate?
A: Although we offer rentals to individuals and businesses nationally, it is not always practical or financially viable to freight fragile equipment (desktops) nationally. We offer leases exclusively to businesses operating in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. Our technical support is limited to the below suburbs (Cape Town.)

These areas include the following suburbs:

Bantry Bay
Camps Bay
De Waterkant
Devil’s Peak
Diep River
Fish Hoek
Grassy Park
Green Point
Hout Bay
Kalk Bay
Lotus River
Mitchell’s Plain
Monte Vista
Mouille Point
Ocean View
Salt River
Sea Point
Simon’s Town
Somerset West
St James
Sun Valley
Three Anchor Bay
University Estate
Walmer Estate

If your business could benefit from our computer rental service, but your suburb is not in this list, please contact us. Providing our service standards are not going to be compromised, we are certainly prepared to go the extra mile…

Q: Does RENTWARE deliver?
A: Yes, RENTWARE will deliver to your premises and collect when you are done. There is a nominal delivery fee depending on the distance from our offices and the amount of equipment. Any additional configuration will be billed at reasonable rates by our IT support technicians.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book my computers?
A: We usually need 24 hours notice to test and clean equipment and schedule delivery. Please give RENTWARE as much warning as possible for bigger orders. We will always try our best to accommodate you in an emergency.

Q: What happens in the case of a hardware or software problem?
A: RENTWARE tests all equipment before it is dispatched. In the unlikely event of a hardware or software problem, we keep sufficient stock to replace your rental equipment immediately.

Q: Can I install additional hardware components?
A: All cases belonging to RENTWARE are sealed to prevent the loss of components. Our technicians are available to install any additional components you may require.

Q: Will a technician be available to help me?
A: RENTWARE offers full onsite IT support services billed at reasonable rates. Support is close at hand to setup additional equipment, load applications, and connect machines to a network or to the Internet if required.

Q: Are the machines insured?
A : RENTALS. Insurance is not included in the cost of rental. It is the client’s responsibility to insure all equipment for loss or accidental damage outside our premises. Please contact us for values of the items that you will need to insure. Rental is charged until our equipment is returned to our offices or the replacement cost of the missing equipment is settled.

A: LEASES. It is the responsibility of the Lessee to insure all leased equipment against theft, fire, accidental and malicious damage while on their premises. If however, your insurance does not cover the claim, you will be charged the replacement cost of all equipment in your possession. We would need proof of insurance for the duration of the lease. We are able to furnish you with replacement values of any equipment for insurance purposes.

Q: What should I do if a machine is stolen or damaged while in my possession?
A: Please report the theft of any equipment to the Police (within 24 hours) and Rentware as soon as possible after the event. Submit your claim to your insurance company as quickly as possible to minimize the additional rental that will need to pay. Report any damages directly to us.

Q: What is the minimum amount of time that I can rent for?
A: RENTWARE’s minimum rental period is 1 day.

Q: What are your rental terms?
A: RENTWARE requires payment of the rental amount in advance as well as a deposit that is refundable on the safe return of our equipment. We accept EFT and CASH payments.

Q: Can individuals as well as businesses rent equipment?
A: We are happy to rent to both businesses and individuals. RENTWARE requires a valid ID, Passport or Drivers Licence before we can release equipment to individuals.

Q: How do your rates work?
A: RENTWARE offers daily, weekly, monthly and annual rates to suit the needs and budget of all our clients. Payment for Rentals is in advance. Our terms are strictly C O D. Hardware will only be allocated once payment has been received. Leased equipment is billed in advance by debit order.

Q: What are your payment options?
A: We accept EFT, Cash or Card Payments. There is a R60 fee to use our onsite Card Payment facility. We are unable to release any equipment unless payment has cleared in our account. Please note that this could take several days depending on who you bank with.

Q: How do I go about ordering equipment for rental?
A: Click on this link to go to our order page.

Q: What documents are required to complete my order?
A: RENTWARE requires a signed Rental Agreement document as well as a copy of your ID book and Company Registration documents.

Q: What are my responsibilities after placing my order?
A: Make sure that there are sufficient 220v AC Power and data plugs for all the machines. Check that any required Internet connectivity is organised well before the time with RENTWARE or your ISP. There should also be sufficient desk space to accommodate all the rented hardware. Guard against theft by ensuring the area where the machines are kept is secure.

Q: Will you network my machines or add machines to my existing network?
A: RENTWARE keeps a good supply of both wireless/wired connectivity devices, flyleads, etc and will gladly accommodate you. All IT support services are billed separately.

Q: Can I use my own cartridges in a rented printer?
A: Unfortunately not, printers can be rented in two ways. Either on a cost per page basis or by purchasing cartridges from us. RENTWARE has genuine cartridges for sale at reasonable prices.

Q: Can I use my own Sim card in a rental device?

A: No, RENTWARE supplies Sim cards preloaded with the amount of data you require. Please see our data bundle costs.

Q: Can I load any additional software on the machines?
A: Yes, all machines are supplied as standard workstations with basic software, but you are welcome to install any specialist software you may need. In the event of a swap-out, we would replace your machine with an identical standard machine. This would require you to re-install your own applications. We cannot be held accountable for any loss of data.

Q: What software is loaded on the machines?
A: All machines are loaded by default with either: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Window 8 or Windows 10 (Please contact us if you require a different Operating System) We are able to load additional application software at no charge such as:

  • OpenOffice.org
  • WinZip – File compression
  • Adobe Acrobat – .pdf Document Reader
  • ACDSee – Picture Viewer
  • Microsoft Security Essentials AV
  • Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers

There is an additional charge for all versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint)