home-featured-pic3Cape Town boasts a world class film industry and attracts the best in the business from around the globe. While they focus on what they do best, Rentware Computer Rentals takes care of all the IT requirements from complete networks, desktops and laptops to printers and connectivity devices.

There are a number of benefits to renting your IT infrastructure:

  • The first, and most obvious, is that it allows you to focus your resources, time, energy and expertise on your core business
  • Renting means your initial cash outlay is reduced
  • Your cash may be better used for purposes other than buying equipment
  • There is no deposit and renting is tax efficient

Just like the film industry, the IT industry is constantly innovating and improving. Renting enables you to better keep pace with improving technology. Rentware computer rentals can have brand new equipment configured to your specific needs, delivered to your premises within 24 hours. We also replace any faulty hardware within 4 hours, so you don’t even have to say cut.

Onsite, Remote and Telephonic Support can be bundled with your solution giving you a complete solution.

Production companies know that setting up a film shoot on location is no mean feat. While you take care of the filming equipment and specialist staffing requirements, Rentware sets up the entire IT infrastructure needed on set.

Amongst others, Rentware Computer Rentals have rented IT equipment to:

  • Moonlighting Films Pty (Ltd) for 6 months while they filmed the movie Invictus, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.
  • Film Afrika Pty (Ltd) for 5 months for the movie Goodbye Bafana, directed by Billie August and starring Joseph Fiennes.

So it’s a wrap then. Renting from Rentware computer rentals just makes sense.