home-featured-pic4Conferencing venues don’t necessarily have the need for an entire computer network all the time. As a result many of our conferencing venue clients choose instead to treat each conference individually, arranging for their IT needs according to the specific requirements of the client.

Why make use of Rentware’s rental offerings?

  • Renting means that conference organisers can offer state of the art IT infrastructure to their clients at no additional or unnecessary cost to themselves
  • Conference venue owners can ensure their client’s IT needs are customised and effectively delivered by experts in the IT industry
  • Conference organisers can focus on all the aspects of the conference, knowing that the IT requirements are in the expert hands of Rentware
  • Added to this, laptops are constantly being improved, and so investing in a number of laptops may mean that they are outdated within a year or two.
  • Clients booking conference venues specifically request Rentware because of excellent past experiences

Each conference is different, and may require laptops or desktops to run displays or provide internet café facilities. Rentware also provides conferencing equipment like flipcharts, white boards, projectors and projector screens.

Computer rental has many benefits:

  • Renting gives you easy access to the best hardware and software available
  • We can set up your conference venue in 24 hours, or less if you require
  • We offer on site maintenance and support
  • Our computers are always ready to go and fully supported by qualified technicians
  • We offer you a choice of the fastest and most powerful systems from all the major IT manufacturers

Whatever your conference venue’s IT needs are, it just makes a lot of sense to rent.