Buy what appreciates, rent what depreciates – John Paul Getty

Rental is the logical and cost-effective choice for all your short-term requirements including: training, events, exhibitions, seasonal business expansion and new system trials.

Temporary employees need temporary technology. By renting you can coordinate the installation and removal of computers, printers and other technology for any period of time specified. If you hire a temporary employee, hire temporary equipment also.

Using old or discontinued systems will compromise your business performance. In addition the increased cost of servicing and upgrading old technology make this prohibitive.

Committing to a computing platform that may soon be superseded is costly. Rentals offer immediate access to the most powerful computer equipment without the need to buy.

Rental offers significant benefits:


  • Installation to your specification within 24 hours or less


  • On site maintenance and support, or replacement systems dispatched within 4 hours. Our computers are always ready to go and fully supported by qualified technicians.


  • Choice of the fastest and most powerful systems from all the major IT manufacturers.

Financial Sense

  • Conserve valuable working capital and improve the liquidity of your company by investing in resources more important to both growth and security. Rental payments can be deducted from taxable profits, reducing the net cost.


  • Changing technology within the computer industry renders equipment obsolete very quickly; rental removes the risk of a long-term commitment to obsolete technologies.


  • Rented infrastructure is hassle free – giving you the performance without the headaches.

Rentware offers immediate availability of the right hardware and software, where and when you need them. Whether your business needs an entire network or just a few extra PCs. Rent ware makes it easy to get up and running with as little capital outlay and hassle as possible. Contact us for your special requirements.